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Glossary of Orthodontic Terms


Anything Dr. Koen attaches to your teeth to move them or change the dimension of your jaw. (Examples: brackets, expander, etc.)  


A metal wire which is attached to your brackets to move your teeth.  


A metal tooth ring with a bracket attached to it which is attached to your archwires to move your teeth.  


A metal or ceramic brace that is bonded to a tooth and serves as a special “tooth handle” to which is fastened the archwire.  

Kobi Tie/Hook

A special metal hook tied to an individual bracket to be used for hooking elastics up by the patient.  


A rubber mouthpiece is worn to protect teeth during athletic pursuits.  

Power Chain

A stretchable elastic chain used to close spaces, rotate teeth, or hold archwire into brackets.  

Power Ties

Elastic ties that hold an orthodontic wire to an individual bracket.  


A device which is worn to hold orthodontic correction following the removal of orthodontic appliances. These can be worn full or part-time, they can be removable or bonded, and they can be fabricated from a number of materials.  

Rubber Bands

Elastic removable bands of varying sizes and strengths worn by most orthodontic patients to move teeth.  


A small, thick, blue rubber band placed by an orthodontic assistant between teeth for a period of one week to create space for an orthodontic band.