Damon Clear Braces in Goodlettsville, TN

At Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics, we offer the most cutting-edge braces system in Goodlettsville! Advancements in orthodontic technology provide you with many treatment options that fit your needs and lifestyle. From self-ligating Damon Braces to Invisalign Clear Aligners, there is a treatment that is perfect for you!

Along with these wonderful options, you can also choose Damon Clear Braces! Damon Clear Braces are a low-profile system that provides fantastic results! Keep reading to learn more about Damon Clear Braces and how they can help you achieve a stunning smile. 

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What Are Damon Clear Braces & How Do They Work?

Like traditional braces, Damon Braces use arch wires and brackets that we affix to your teeth. The innovative Damon Braces system includes a self-ligating clip that guides your teeth into the desired position, making rubber ties unnecessary. The self-ligating technology provides you with more control and comfort during treatment and reduces your total number of check-in appointments.

Damon Clear Braces take this ingenious design further by using a clear ceramic bracket that makes your braces virtually invisible. The clear bracket is stain-resistant and strong, so you can go through your treatment with confidence!

Benefits of Damon Clear Braces

Damon Clear Braces provide many benefits, including:

  • Increased comfort
  • More control
  • Discreet design
  • Fewer check-in appointments
  • Efficient treatment
  • Effective for various conditions

During your complimentary consultation, we will examine your smile and discuss your orthodontic goals. We will answer your questions about Damon Clear Braces and review the factors to consider when deciding on your treatment.

a typodont model with damon clear braces
a young woman with damon clear braces looking up while holding the tip of her hair

Are Clear Braces Right for Me?

Damon Clear Braces are just one of the many treatment options we offer at Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics. When discussing your options, Dr. Mary Cay and her terrific team will consider the following:

  • The severity of your condition
  • Your budget
  • Your age
  • Specific goals
  • Your lifestyle demands

Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn more about Damon Clear Braces. We will also check your insurance coverage and provide information about our payment options. 

a close up diagram of bracket used behind the damon clear braces technology

Clear Braces for Teens

Teens may prefer Damon Clear Braces because the brackets are virtually invisible, giving them the confidence to show their smiles to the world! Teens also like that they do not have to use rubber ties.

two adult females enjoying lunch while wearing Damon clear braces

Clear Braces for Adults

More adults than ever are investing in orthodontic treatment. Damon Clear Braces help you achieve a healthier smile with a low-profile system that provides more comfort and control. Many adults also appreciate that the Damon Braces system reduces the number of check-in visits needed for adjustment.

How Much Do Damon Clear Braces Cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on your condition, the system used, the treatment timeline, your insurance coverage, and your compliance with the treatment plan.

That said, the average cost of ceramic braces can range between $3,500 and $6,000. We will review your insurance coverage during your complimentary consultation and discuss financing options.

We believe everyone should have access to quality orthodontic care and will work with you to ensure you can pay for treatment.

an adult woman with braces sitting on the couch looking out the window

Why Choose Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics for Your Damon Braces Treatment

We’ve seen firsthand the positive impact that braces treatment can have on your life. With Damon Braces, you can enjoy a low-maintenance, comfortable treatment that gives you a lifetime of radiant smiles.

Dr. Mary Cay and her skilled team have crafted many beautiful smiles across the Goodlettsville TN area. If you’re thinking about getting braces treatment, it’s time to act! Start your smile journey by scheduling an appointment with us today. 

At Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics, providing you with the best orthodontic care in Goodlettsville is our passion and priority. Dr. Koen has helped people improve their smiles for over 25 years, and we can’t wait to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

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