From Start to Finish.
Let us help determine any orthodontic problems and all of your treatment options. We’ll even discuss next steps and what to expect from treatment.

Appointments & Scheduling

The best time for receiving orthodontic care varies with each patient. We realize how important your time is, so we will make every attempt to keep each appointment on schedule. Successful orthodontics requires a series of specific scheduled appointments throughout treatment. We will work with you to schedule appointments around work or school as much as possible. The average time for most adjustment appointments is about 20 minutes. These appointments are scheduled throughout the day. We see patients approximately every 6 to 10 weeks and schedule appointments as far in advance as possible. Longer appointments (banding, bonding, and de-banding appointments) are scheduled at specific times to free up after-school time for regular adjustments. This allows for as many after-school appointments as possible. If longer appointments are scheduled before or after school, we see fewer patients during these choice appointment times for our students.  

Special Appointment Situations

If you are delayed for an appointment, we will accomplish as much of the planned treatment as is possible within the allotted time, but may have to schedule another appointment to complete the necessary treatment. In the event that you need to reschedule an appointment, we ask that you contact our office as soon as possible. That will allow us to keep you or your child on track with our treatment plan. At some point during orthodontic treatment, you may need one of two special appointments. A comfort appointment is a brief emergency type visit to eliminate the discomfort caused by a sharp wire end or a loose bracket or appliance. As soon as a patient realizes that there is a painful situation that cannot be relieved by placement of wax or tucking the offending wire or bracket, please call the office. We will see you that day to make you comfortable. If there is time to correct the situation without inconveniencing our scheduled patients, we will do so. Usually, we will need to make a second appointment to make a full repair. Often your next regular adjustment can also be done at this visit to save you the need for a third appointment. If this occurs after hours, please call our emergency number and one of our assistants will call you back and make arrangements to see you. You may then schedule a repair and/or regular treatment appointment during regular office hours. A repair appointment is an appointment where loose appliances, brackets, or broken wires are re-bonded or replaced. There is no serious pain involved. The desire to see you as soon as possible stems from wanting to maintain your regular treatment schedule.  

Repair Appointment Details

Please do not wait to tell us about a needed repair once you are in the office for your regularly scheduled visit. However, we can’t always accomplish your regular visit and your repair in your regularly scheduled time without the patients following you being inconvenienced. If this is the case, we may need to take care of the repair and reschedule your regular visit. This is a no-win situation for all involved, as we don’t want to inconvenience anyone. A phone call ahead can usually prevent this from occurring by allowing us to schedule enough time to accomplish everything in one visit.  

After-Hours Concerns

If you have a comfort need arising after hours, please call our emergency number. One of our assistants will call you back to help you assess the problem. Often, they can coach you on how to relieve the discomfort until you can come in and have a repair made. If this isn’t possible, they will arrange to meet you at the office to get you out of pain. If an injury involving soft tissue or loose or broken teeth has occurred, Dr. Koen will be called or you may be referred to your dentist or an oral surgeon. Your comfort is our prime concern. Any repairs will then be scheduled during regular office hours. Our after hours emergency number is: (615) 218-0957. We respectfully ask that you hold all non-emergency calls until the next business day. Our staff will be there for you always, but questions about retainers, appointments, and non-painful events can usually wait and will not infringe on staff family time. Thank you for your consideration.