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Let us help determine any orthodontic problems and all of your treatment options. We’ll even discuss next steps and what to expect from treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does orthodontic care cost?

Every malocclusion is different. There is no standard fee. The doctor evaluates patients on an individual basis. After the initial exam, a written estimate is given based on Dr. Koen’s findings.  

Does Orthodontic Treatment hurt?

After the initial placement of braces it takes from a few days to a month for your mouth to adjust to the feel of braces. However, it will adjust to the point where you do not feel them unless something is not as it should be (such as a poking wire). There may be some discomfort after adjustments, however, Tylenol or Advil can be taken to remedy this discomfort.  

Why do you need braces if teeth are straight but bite is off?

Orthodontic treatment is necessary for much more than just pretty teeth. A good, healthy bite helps eliminate other health problems in later years such as jaw pain, popping, clicking, and/or headaches. It also helps save teeth from wearing down due to clenching and/or grinding.  

How much longer do I have until I get my braces off?

We let our patients know their Estimated Completion Date, but if they miss or reschedule an appointment, forget to wear their elastics, or fail to cooperate, orthodontic care will take longer. On occasion, certain conditions such as impacted teeth or slowly erupting teeth can prolong treatment.  

How long do I have to wear my retainers?

The first six months following the removal of your braces, you will wear your retainers full time. If you have a bonded lower retainer, you will wear the lower removable retainer only at night from the start. Then you will graduate to nightwear. After several years of nightwear, you may be advised to wear them one to two nights per week. We tell our patients that retainers are a lifetime commitment.  

Can the fee for Orthodontic Treatment be financed?

The Treatment Coordinator will discuss these options during the initial exam. Many of our patients have payment plans.  

Do I continue to see my Dentist for regular visits during Orthodontic Treatment?

Yes. You’ll be asked to continue seeing you General Dentist for cleanings and exams at least twice a year.  

How long is full Orthodontic Treatment?

Treatment can last 12-30 months. Treatment time varies based on the needs of the individual patient.