Do You Get Braces On Your First Orthodontist Appointment?

This is a question we get quite often, and if you’re wondering if you can start wearing braces at your first orthodontist appointment, the answer is yes! At your first orthodontic exam, Dr. Mary Cay Koen and our team will create an amazing experience that addresses your oral health and sets the path for your smile transformation journey from day one. 

To start your braces treatment the same day as your initial exam, be sure that your dental cleaning and any necessary restorative needs have been met. Also, we’ll thoroughly go over all the financial and insurance aspects of your treatment to ensure you agree with and understand your financial responsibility. Our practice prides itself on making dream smiles a reality from day one; you’ll leave our office with every detail planned out for a radiant future smile.

Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics staff busy at work scheduling orthodontic appointments in Goodlettsville

What To Expect & What Happens at Your First Orthodontist Appointment?

Your first appointment is a pivotal step towards a beautiful smile, designed to assess your dental health and discuss personalized treatment options. From the moment you schedule your visit, you’re welcomed into our practice family. You’ll receive resources to prepare for your appointment, including health history forms that are accessible online for your convenience.

Upon arrival, we’ll take you on an office tour so you can meet our team and feel comfortable in your new surroundings. After that, you’ll undergo comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, which will pave the way for an in-depth consultation with Dr. Koen. 

During your first visit, we will ensure you feel at ease by providing a wealth of information so you understand every aspect of your personalized treatment plan. We will instill you with confidence that your smile journey will be aligned with your expectations and lifestyle, setting the stage for a seamless journey to achieving your dream smile.

Here’s a closer, step-by-step look at what happens during your first orthodontist appointment:


Initial Exam & Imaging

Dr. Koen will do an oral examination to assess your smile needs. Then, using our state-of-the-art iTero 3D images,radiographs, and photographs, Dr. Koen will discuss her findings and recommendations for treatment options, timing, and duration. Large-scale computer photos will allow Dr. Koen to give you a “tour” of your smile and explain how she can address your smile concerns. She will also use your iTero scan to give you a prediction of the possible treatment outcome.

Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics assistant examining the bite of a teen patient
Teen in a patient chair at Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics as an employee reviews his exam results

Review Exam Results & Pick a Treatment Plan

Using the data from your exam results, we will discuss your treatment goals and options. No matter whether you choose  braces or clear aligners, we can find the right solution for your lifestyle.


Ask Questions

At Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics, we want you to feel empowered and educated about your treatment; we encourage you to ask a lot of questions! Our team is always here to answer any queries you have going forward.

Teenager sitting in patient chair as treatment coordinator walks him through next steps
Financial coordinator reviewing orthodontic treatment financing options at the front desk

Go Over Financing Options & Payment Plans

We understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment, and we don’t want financial considerations to be an obstacle to a beautiful smile. We accept many insurances, and offer in-house financing and flexible payment plans so you can fit orthodontic treatment within your budget.


Begin Treatment!

Now, you’re ready – it’s that easy! Most of the time, it’s possible to start your treatment on the same day as your initial exam. Again, before coming into your first appointment, make e sure that your teeth are professionally cleaned and that all dental restoration has been taken care of.

When you start your orthodontic treatment at Mary Cay Koen Orthodontics, you get a warm and inviting practice family dedicated to guiding you toward achieving a healthy, beautiful smile. We can’t wait to meet you!