iTero Imaging

Drs. Koen is proud to announce the introduction of the iTero oral scanning system! This revolutionary technology is a 3D intra-oral digital scanner which builds a computer-generated model of an orthodontic patient’s teeth.

Drs. Koen is one of the few orthodontists in the Sumner County area to offer this exclusive system. Based on over 400,000 case studies, iTero has proven to give a better patient experience, 10 times fewer rejections of the Invisalign system and 7 times fewer fitting issues. Patients have commented that one of the best parts of the new scanning technology is the ability to see simulated outcomes of their orthodontic treatment. For Invisalign patients, this is accomplished through the Outcome Simulator powered by the iTero scanner ( The 3D digital impressions load into the simulator and the model of the teeth moves adjusting based on the scheduled treatment. This way patients can see in advance how their smile will look.

Unlike competing scanners, the iTero technology captures complete tooth imagery versus less precise systems which use sampled data to fill in missing information with an algorithm. Competing scanners also require doctors to apply a powder to the patient’s teeth in order to function properly. iTero is completely powder free which leads to even greater patient comfort. The wand gently rests on teeth for easy scanning whereas older technology requires the wand to be held at a distance of 5mm to 15mm which introduces a great amount of human error and inaccuracy.